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Create Custom Content

Add your own custom exercises, educational content and questionnaires for your clients to utilise

Create Custom and stock programs

Want to keep things individualised, but also have those go to programs at the ready? You can create both

Automated Progress based notifications (SMS, Email, Push, In-App)

Give your clients a bit of kudos for their hard work and if they haven't done their session - a little bit of a nudge in the right direction can't hurt.

Workout Builder

Our workout builder allows you to create any workout you can think of!

Auto progress exercises

Progress your metrics between each session or week to keep your clients moving forward!

Bulk Client Import

Have lots of clients, no problems! Import them all at the same time.

Create Multiple different programs

Not all programs are the same. Not all training is the same. We've got you covered with multiple different programs to create challenges, in person programs and on-demand databases for your clients

Implement Gamification

Want to motivate your clients and keep them striving forward? Our leaderboards and badges will make that happen!

Create Client Giveaways

Nothing like a bit of Merch or a voucher to keep people motivated! Choose the points, add your merch and your members KEEP winning!

Automated Program based notifications (SMS, Email, Push, In-App)

Want to send messages in line with a 12 week program? No problems - we've got you covered. Create your emails to go in real time with the program progressing

Setup a client pathway

Have different blocks or different focuses and want to allow your clients a bit of choice a long the way? No problems. You can link programs automatically or create an opt in option at the end of a block to give your client the choice.

Automate Onboarding

Don't have the time to manually set up everything for your clients? Automate this process and take back your time

Handle your memberships

Set up and manage your memberships through the App

Customised Branding

Want to make the app an extension of your brand? When your clients open the App they will feel right at home.

On-demand Fitness and Exercise Library

Don't have time to film and create? Don't worry - we have some great content ready to drag and drop right into your program!

Update program metrics on the go

Want to update sets and reps from the App? Get the ability to do this on the fly while working with your clients

Broadcast Messages (SMS, Email, Push)

Create messages to send out to your entire client base with the client of the button

Whitelabel Solution

Want to really uplevel your online experience. We can create your fully customised and branded App on the App store!


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