Thrive Beyond Boundaries:
- coach, engage, inspire

Keep your clients
coming back

Take engagement to a whole new level with leaderboards and customizable notifications

Get rid of the paper

Create customised sessions with in depth reporting and progress tracking

Expand your reach

Stop exchanging time for money and take your business online

Take your membership digital to create the ultimate training experience for your clients and athletes no matter the size

Provide multiple
training options

Train online, in-person, or hybrid and deliver a connected fitness experience for all your clients. Build a community for your clients and members where they get access to the best app for coaching always staying connected to you.

Engage through gamification and leaderboards

Our fully customisable leaderboards with badges and milestones means your members are always striving for their next goal

Expand your brand

Show the world what makes you unique and tailor the app to your brand. Add your own custom videos and on-demand classes, and deliver them through your own branded app.

Join PhysThrive Today

Embrace the 21st-century revolution with PhysThrive's electronic exercise programs and gamified client engagement.

Are you struggling with?

  • Lack of Client Adherence: Worried about losing clients due to a lack of engagement and commitment.
  • Manual Program Modifications: Frustration with time-consuming adjustments to exercise programs.
  • Unclear Client Progress: Always wondering how clients are progressing without in-depth reporting.
  • Limited Business Growth: Feeling stuck in a repetitive routine without expanding services.
  • Outdated Methods: Struggling with traditional pen and paper-based approaches.
  • Client Accountability Issues: Difficulty in keeping clients on track and motivated.
  • Branding Challenges: Unable to fully customize and brand the exercise experience.
  • Missed Market Opportunities: Wanting to offer mass-market programs without the right platform.

Is this where you want to be?

  • Tailored Exercise Programs: Select from four program types to create personalized plans for each client.
  • Effortless Program Modifications: Modify exercise routines with just one click using your practitioner login.
  • Comprehensive Progress Tracking: Stay on top of your clients' progress with built-in reporting and summaries.
  • Enhanced Client Engagement: Utilize gamification, leaderboards, and customizable notifications to keep clients on track.
  • Complete White Label Capabilities: Rebrand the app to match your business's identity for a seamless experience.
  • Global Reach: Deliver coordinated programs to anyone, anywhere in the world.
  • Time Efficiency: Automate and systemize your programs for more efficient operations.
  • Expand Your Services: Create commercialized branded programs and reach a mass market.

What transformation will you see

  • Take your business from the in-person time for money based business to a hybrid or fully digital offering
  • Engage and elevate your brand through gamification and milestones
  • Don't lose track through in depth reporting and notifications
  • Extend your business through consistent branding

Hey there, sporty and athletic business owners! Don't miss out on the incredible transformation awaiting your fitness business with PhysThrive's game-changing software. Step into the future with electronic exercise programs and gamified client engagement, waving goodbye to outdated methods and stick figures. Wondering how your clients are progressing will be a thing of the past as our in-depth reporting keeps you informed at all times. One-click program modifications and customizable notifications will keep your clients on track, engaged, and accountable. With complete white-label capabilities, PhysThrive becomes a seamless extension of your business, elevating your brand identity. Say farewell to the hamster wheel and embrace automation to help more people simultaneously, reaching beyond demographics and impacting the wider community. It's time to create commercialized branded programs and expand your reach. Join PhysThrive today, and together we'll elevate your fitness business to soaring heights!