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Save Time

Reduce repetition and be able program with drag and drop

Grow Profits

Free up your coaching team and attract new athletes

Better Results

Help your athletes get to new heights without creating more work for yourself

Does this sound like you?

  1. 1
    You know your business has so much more potential to make money but you don't want to continue to trade time for money. You want to be able to expand beyond the 4 walls in a way you can simply monetize it, but you just don't know how to do it. 
  2. 2
    You want to help your existing athletes as well as attract more athletes, but haven't figured out the best way to do it that gets you off the hamster wheel, leverages your time and makes your programs more accessible.
  3. 3
    You've been dreaming of having an app for a long time but building your own app costs 100's of thousands of dollars $ and the other apps you have looked at are very cookie cutter and don't meet your programming needs.
  4. 4
    You want to drive more athlete compliance and engagement, as well as have more data but you don't know how to track or gamify it without burning out and creating a whole bunch of admin for yourself.

Imagine if…..

  1. 1
    You've got the financial freedom to spend your time the way you want all while your brand continues to expand and make the impact you had always hoped for.
  2. 2
    You have athletes constantly striving to do better, push their limits and you are able to track their progress along the way.
  3. 3
    You are able to create the programs you want, the way you want and push them out the athletes in every part of their training year.
  4. 4
    You had a great core group of athletes with more joining every day from around the world BUT you also have more freedom with your time. 

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It is possible...

Introducing PhysThrive

The easiest way for you to implement a system that allows you to create programs, automate their delivery and change your bottom line. 

You know your programs work, lets show the world making a bigger impact and take your programs worldwide.

We are launching, get your introductory OFFER now!

Limited time only


Create any program you can think of


Save time on program delivery


Don't let clients slip through the cracks


Help more athletes anywhere, anytime


Create any program you can think of


Save time on program delivery


Don't let clients slip through the cracks


Help more athletes anywhere, anytime


Create more revenue without more work

Stop being stuck in your old ways, running on the never ending hamster wheel, continuing to struggle with the lack of time and money.

It’s time to free up your schedule and make a bigger impact taking your target and niche programs to the masses that need it.

Where you are now
  • Taking photos and videos and texting them to your athletes
  • Manually supply the next block of training and progress your athletes and clients
  • The wrong type of training means you are constantly coming up against niggles and roadblocks
  • Got a specific, targeted program but the thought of implementing it is overwhelming
  • Athletes and clients are missing key features in their training you know you can provide, but its too hard
  • See athletes and clients everywhere that could benefit from what you do but your not sure how to reach them.
  • Feel overwhelmed with all the aspects to your athletes training, keeping track and monitoring their program.
  • Tried building your own software but ended up sinking in way too much money for a mediocre product.
Where you want to be
  • You've got 1000's of exercises at your fingertips as well as the ability to add your own in an easy to use program.
  • The next block of training starts and the program is delivered automatically'.
  • You start seeing the results you always knew were possible.
  • You are making a difference around the world and aren’t pulling your hair out to do it.
  • You have multiple programs at your fingertips to roll out with any level of athlete any time.
  • Your virtual program is reaching and impacting athletes in places you never thought possible.
  • All of your programs, training, tracking and progress monitoring are in one place.
  • You are save money and time by using a tested and proven product that can scale your programs and impact.

No sneaky add on's - what you pay is what you get

Your secret weapon in athlete acceleration.

Smooth out those lumpy months, stop running around in circles and start seriously scaling your business and accelerate growth with PhysThrive.

Lets make your burnout a thing of the past

How we can make it happen together

Periodise and progress your programs without more paperwork

  1. 1
    Plan the training program around the events that your athletes and clients are striving for.
  2. 2
    Create templated blocks to use over and over again, any way you like.
  3. 3
    Apply auto progressions that move forward as your athlete adapts.

Create healthy competition

  1. 1
    Help them your athletes stay engaged and on track with leaderboards and milestones.
  2. 2
    Even the playing field by rewarding participation and effort
  3. 3
    Give everyone something to strive for by adding merch and rewards into their leaderboard

Set and forget

  1. 1
    Build multiple programs that start when your athletes and clients sign up.
  2. 2
    Set up direct and multi-choice programs to appeal to every athlete sport and progression.
  3. 3
    Automate your program sign ups taking the time and stress out of onboarding.

Wake up to new sign ups every morning

Automate your programs sign up, taking the time and stress out of onboarding.

Make sure your money keeps coming in

  1. 1
    Integrate your stripe account to automate your payments
  2. 2
    Create memberships and one off payments for your programs and events
  3. 3
    Link these directly to programs to create a seamless onboarding experience

Create different levels and progression

  1. 1
    Have beginners and seasoned athletes? Create programs for all the levels you need to target.
  2. 2
    Create position or sport specific programs to target movement and strength patterns
  3. 3
    Use the Personal Record log to auto populate resistance and speed (coming soon)


High Performance Strength and Conditioning Coach

“There is no other program out there that allows you to build templates for your programs with the types of functionality. The best part is being able to build blocks and periodise as needed!”

Start scaling your business with
our introductory OFFER today!

We are launching our App and to celebrate we are giving you an AMAZING opportunity to get in at the ground level. On top of the ability to create your program, automate your payments and onboarding we also

  1. 1
    Locked into price for life
    Your intro price is the price you'll pay for life. We'll never increase it on you for as long as you are an active subscriber
  2. 2
    We'll build out your exercise library
    We are adding over 100 new exercises every month and as a founding member you will get priority in determining what those are so you can build out what is needed for your clients.
  3. 3
    No additional add on's
    Unlike other software, your subscription is what you pay. Most give you a base rate and you have to pay for extra's. You choose your tier and that's all you pay - no sneaky add on's that end up costing you a fortune.
  4. 4
    Additional Support
    You will get a VIP email channel direct to the founder to be addressed as quickly as possible. This VIP treatment includes upgrade requests with the dev's, priority help desk, prioritised request and priority exercise library.

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All of Plus, unlimited clients and your very own App build on the App store

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Create Custom Content

Add your own custom exercises, educational content and questionnaires for your clients to utilise

Create Custom and stock programs

Want to keep things individualised, but also have those go to programs at the ready? You can create both

Automated Progress based notifications (SMS, Email, Push, In-App)

Give your clients a bit of kudos for their hard work and if they haven't done their session - a little bit of a nudge in the right direction can't hurt.

Workout Builder

Our workout builder allows you to create any workout you can think of!

Auto progress exercises

Progress your metrics between each session or week to keep your clients moving forward!

Bulk Client Import

Have lots of clients, no problems! Import them all at the same time.

Create Multiple different programs

Not all programs are the same. Not all training is the same. We've got you covered with multiple different programs to create challenges, in person programs and on-demand databases for your clients

Implement Gamification

Want to motivate your clients and keep them striving forward? Our leaderboards and badges will make that happen!

Create Client Giveaways

Nothing like a bit of Merch or a voucher to keep people motivated! Choose the points, add your merch and your members KEEP winning!

Automated Program based notifications (SMS, Email, Push, In-App)

Want to send messages in line with a 12 week program? No problems - we've got you covered. Create your emails to go in real time with the program progressing

Setup a client pathway

Have different blocks or different focuses and want to allow your clients a bit of choice a long the way? No problems. You can link programs automatically or create an opt in option at the end of a block to give your client the choice.

Automate Onboarding

Don't have the time to manually set up everything for your clients? Automate this process and take back your time

Handle your memberships

Set up and manage your memberships through the App

Customised Branding

Want to make the app an extension of your brand? When your clients open the App they will feel right at home.

On-demand Fitness and Exercise Library

Don't have time to film and create? Don't worry - we have some great content ready to drag and drop right into your program!

Update program metrics on the go

Want to update sets and reps from the App? Get the ability to do this on the fly while working with your clients

Broadcast Messages (SMS, Email, Push)

Create messages to send out to your entire client base with the client of the button

Whitelabel Solution

Want to really uplevel your online experience. We can create your fully customised and branded App on the App store!



Can I take memberships through the App?

Yes, you can integrate your stripe account and set up memberships to manage through the App

Do my clients have to pay for PhysThrive?

No. Your clients don't have to pay anything extra to use the App apart from your fees for coaching

How to submit a feature request, idea and suggestion?

We are always wanting to provide you with what you want. Send your email to and we'll prioritise it in our list of features that we are continually implementing.

What happens if I want to upgrade/downgrade my plan?

Once subscribed, you can change your month-to-month plan anytime and as many times as you'd like. We'll prorate the difference between your current and new plans in your current bill cycl

Can I customise how the app looks? 

Yes, on the Tier 2 adn 3 plans you can add your logo, change the background and header colour as well as choose a desired colour shceme

How do I get support if I have a question?

Message us at any time through our contact us page, or send an email enquiry to

How are where do I download the app? 

Head to the Apple or Google Play store to download the Pursuitlabs App. This is the App that Physthrive is powered on.  


You’ve made it this far so what are you waiting for? If there are questions that you still have please drop us a line at HERE and we’ll answer them for you.

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